Website Maintenance

The development of a website is a continual task and our team ensures that this happens smoothly.

Don’t have time to keep your website fresh and updated? Need not worry. Outsource your web maintenance services to Dudumizi and let us do the work for you.

Outsourcing web maintenance is a very intelligent decision, as it gives you time to focus on running your business while we deal with managing your website.

We keep the content up-to-date, add new pages, check broken links, upgrade software, render security checks, backup data and carry out a host of other tasks as part of our web maintenance work. SEO, Social Media, and Google Analytics are the other additional areas we focus upon.

Choose Dudumizi as your web maintenance partner at cost effective prices and be assured of your online success.


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Website Maintenance Services
Outdated information can harm your business. Dudumizi web maintenance team will help you keep your website in a good style. Below are some reasons why you should outsource website maintenance to Dudumizi:

Website Enhancement

By adding new pages, removing old links, and upgrading system, we ensure your website is always up to date.

Backup and Security

We offer simple and easy backup services that ensure your website can recover quickly in case of any unexpected issue.

Updated Content

The best way to progress up the ladders of search engine rankings is by adding fresh, relevant and high-quality content.

Social Media

Social Media can be a powerful tool for most businesses. We will manage your social media profiles to reach millions of users.


Google updates such can affect your rankings and we help you to be on top of search engine optimisation for your website.


Our analytics experts review and mine data from your website to provide you with suggestions for better customer engagement.
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